Acts 4: 12 A Musical Concert 2018



Sargasandhya 2017 is a charity fundraiser by the Divine Academy under the patronage of Syro Malabar Catholic Church in Canada- the second largest Eastern Catholic Church in the world.

Sargasandhya 2017 is the largest Malayalam Musical Drama production in North America and perhaps in the entire world, outside Kerala. No other Malayalam cultural organizations or Malayalam religious institutions in North America haveever dared to attempt a theatrical production of this epic proportions.

Sargasandhya is ONE SHOW ONLY! However, it consists of two musical dramas; a Malayalam Biblical Musical Drama called the ‘EXODUS’ and an English Broadway style Musical Called ‘CIRCLE OF LIFE’ performed by the youth. Both are expected to enthrall and enchant the audience with stunning stage design, costumes and professional lights and sounds.  The shows has a total duration of 3 ½ hours and would set ablaze live on stage in one of the most famous iconic theaters in Toronto, The Church On the Queensway with over 3,300 seating capacity Famous for Toronto’s most watched Passion Play on Good Friday)


The 3,300 Seating Capacity Theater at the Church on the Queensway, toronto.

The largest Malayalam Production in North America.

The idea and concept Sargasandhya 2017 was conceived out the absolute non-existence of Malayalam Theatre production in North America. The English-speaking community in North America have always had hundreds of Broadway musicals through big production houses. Theatres such as Mirvish, Roy Thompson, Princess Wales, Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto run musical shows catered to English speaking spectators. These big budget shows are produced in-house with extravagant stage setup and spectacular sound, light and costume designs using mostly local artists.

Malayalees have always put up with fly by night artists coming from Kerala to perform literally out of a suitcase with a recorded sound track. Their shows arewithout any stage set up to create depth and realism to the show. This, of course, is understandable as it would be impossible, from a cost and logistical point of view,to transport larger than life size stage props across various cities in USA and Canada. 

Redefining the Malayalam Stage Show

Sargasandhya 2017 challenges the very concept of Malayalam Entertainment in North America. After the enormous success of Sargasandhya 2015,(Ten Commandment Malayalam drama and ‘Dare to Be Frozen’ English Musical), Syro Malabar Church Canada is more than confident forsomething bigger and better with this new challenge of Sargasandhya 2017. Sargasandhya is designed to showcase a spectacular stage show with all the bells and whistles of a Broadway Style Musical Drama. The show will entail elaborate and intricate stage design consisting of extravagant props befitting every scene, colourful costumes, lights and sounds programmed by professional light & sound engineers. When these elements are combined with well directed performances by artists, the audience will have an opportunity to enjoy a fully immersive and realistic theater experience. These artistic creations are made locallyby numerous designers, artisans and craftsmen who dedicated their skill and time to make Sargasandhya a visual treat to the audience. 

Sargasandhya 2017 will be an evening of extraordinary entertainment, that has not been witnessed by the North American Malayalee Audience.  The Malayalam Drama, Exodus, will have over 150 artists performing live on stage. The youth Musical ‘Circle Of Life” will have over 50 youth and young adults perming live on stage. Unlike English Musicals that run for months, Sargasandhya 2017 will have only one show on June 3 2017. This certainly is a once in a life time opportunity for Malayalee lovers of art and music to experience the largest Malayalam musical Drama production in North America.

Exodus:  Largest North American Musical Drama.

Synopsis: It is one of the most compelling and captivating biblical stories. This is the story of Ancient Egypt, where the defiant leader, Moses, leads 600,000 enslaved Jews from the tyranny of an Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses. A story of an epic journey from the dreary deserts of Egypt, to the promised land called Canaan, where the Jews were chased by the ruthless army of Ramses and faced with deadly plagues and rebellion during their 40-year journey to the promised land.  

Circle Of life: A Broadway Style English Musical:

Synopsis: When a young lion prince, Simba,was born, the kingdom of Pride Land was thrown into disarray as the second in line for the throne, Scar plots to kill the father and take over the kingdom. The nefarious Scar succeeds in killing the father Lion, Mafusa with the help of his trusted hyenas.The evil uncle Scar managed to put the blame on young Simba and forced him to flee the kingdom, in shame.Many years later in exile, Simbareturns from his exile and defeats the wicked Scar and rightfully claimback the Kingdom as his own thus, completing the "Circle of Life".