A cultural platform for new evangelization

where the unique talents are explored and fostered as God’s gifts

and they are shared and performed creatively for the Glory of God


Divine Academy is a socio-cultural platform for fostering and showcasing the talents of individuals of all ages and to enhance personality development and spiritual progress through various art forms. Our objective is to seek out the incredible skills of community members and to represent them through an evangelical lens. We believe that there are a plethora of talents within the Syro-Malabar Exarchate of Canada which can be displayed on a greater scale. These talents pertain to music, drama, dance, art and literary skills. Through the field of the Arts, we aspire to unify the values of faith, personal development, and education while simultaneously promoting the evangelization of Catholic teachings. In addition to developing artistic abilities within the community, we also make it our mission to sow the seeds of leadership in our youth and young adults of the Exarchate. Young people are indeed the future of the Syro-Malabar church. Hence, it is imperative for us to nurture their competencies to be future leaders and to guide them to inspire their younger counterparts to use their God-given gifts for the greater good of society.